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How to Write a Follow Up Email After an Interview

There are few better feelings in the world than walking out of a job interview that you know you absolutely nailed! Now the only question you may have is how to capitalize on your interview success so you have the best chance of getting hired. While most people may be content with the impression they left after their interview, there is still a way to further improve your chances of getting hired after the interview. A well crafted follow up email to your prospective employer can be the perfect touch. To help you create this interview follow up email, take a look at some of the tips we have provided below.

3 Tips to Help You Write A Follow-up Email

1. Personal Associations

            While many people may be worried about sounding too eager or overbearing with a follow up email after a job interview, there is a strategy you can follow that will be hard for hiring managers to ignore. Try sending a quick follow up email thanking them for the interview and the time they took to meet with you. In this email, you can also make specific references to the conversation you had in your interview. This personal touch shows that you were engaged throughout the interview, and it also demonstrates good attention to detail and communication skills. If there is an opportunity to provide any additional information about yourself that was directly requested or alluded to in the interview, now is the time to do so.

2. Follow Up Frequency

            Sometimes an interviewer will give you a time window when they expect to get back to you about the position. This can be as vague as ‘in the next week or so’ or as specific as the ‘next 3 to 5 business days’. Every company or organization tends to work at their own pace, and depending on the urgency with which they need to fill a position, you may end up waiting for longer than you expect to hear back. This is where the timing and frequency of your follow up emails comes into play. You should be ready to send your first follow up email thanking the interviewer within 24 hours of your interview, regardless of what time frame they have given you. If you don’t hear back within the given time, it is appropriate to send another follow up inquiring about their decision. Try to remain casual and courteous in you writing tone, but be concise when you inquire about the position.

3. Proofread

            Before you send any type of post interview follow up email to a prospective employer, you absolutely must proofread your text! Depending on how competitive the job you’re going for may be, some hiring managers may be looking for a reason to narrow down their decision. While you may not think a small typo is a big deal, that hiring manager may look at it as a sign you don’t pay close attention to detail. Furthermore, a well written, perfectly constructed email will give you an additional chance to show off your superior communication skills. By proofreading, you can give yourself yet another opportunity to beef up your post interview follow up so you can leave an even better impression going forward. At the very least, you will ensure your email remains professional and concise.

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